In 1992 I made a recording of 12 songs in the Czech Republic, a CD entitled "They Call Him Mister P...", and in 1999 I recorded a second CD in London, "The World of Mister P...". Each of the CDs features twelve of my songs performed by myself. I also accompany myself.

Two pieces of mine for solo guitar, and five others for strings, have been published by and are obtainable from "Galloway Music", whose email address is;   

In August 2000 I recorded a third CD album, "Slow Bulldozing with Mister P...". It features 5 songs and 6 instrumental pieces.

In June 2002 I recorded a new album, "The Essential Mister P...". You can find details and audio extracts on the CD page.

Patrick with artist Philip Diggle

In January 2003 I shall be taking part in an event at the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution (11 South Grove, London, N6. 020 8340 3343). The Abstract Expressionist artist Philip Diggle is mounting a two-week exhibition of his work and, there being a piano already in the gallery, has asked me to play as much as I like, at any time, during the exhibition.

After much thought, I have decided upon a short descriptive label for the music I write. I am in future going to call it "Esoteric Funk".

The World of Mister P...



"Augur of Ruin"