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Concert Works

Three Beginnings (1996), performed by the Chinook Clarinet Quartet:

First movement (excerpt)

Second movement (excerpt)

Third movement (excerpt)

From CD CCQ 001


Switchback (2000), performed by Backbeat Percussion Quartet:

First movement Switchback (excerpt)

Second movement Feel (excerpt)

Third movement Double Side (excerpt)

From CD BPQ 02

All of the above pieces are self-published. For all enquiries, including requests for scores, sets of parts and recordings, please visit the contacts and links page.


Yellow Stripe (2005), performed by the Symphonic Wind Orchestra of the 2007 Music for You Summer School (conductor Laslo Marosi):

Listen to excerpt 1

Listen to excerpt 2

Listen to excerpt 3

Listen to excerpt 4

Listen to excerpt 5


Published by Maecenas Music as part of the Millenium Series.


Collaborations and Education Work

Soundings (2002 education project), performed by the University of Bradford Symphony Orchestra with members of The Fusion Club:

Sitelines Suite composed by The Fusion Club, orchestrated by Jim Pywell

Third movement Calderdale Air (excerpt)

Fourth movement Big Anthem (excerpt)

By kind permission of Whitewood & Fleming Theatre and Music

The Small World Band (2003 education project), performing at Bradford International Festival

Musical Direction: James Squire, Richard Ormrod, Jim Pywell and Andy Spearpoint

Urban Exotic (excerpt)

Rayana (excerpt)

Music Into Colour (2005, collaboration with Kenyan composer Kagema Gichuhi)

Out of the Basket (excerpt)

Music Into Colour (remix) (excerpt)

Colourdream (excerpt 1)

Colourdream (excerpt 2)

Kachumbari Seven (2006, collaboration with musicians from Kenya and Nepal)

      Zandale                           listen to clip

     Improvisation                  listen to clip     

     Five Sheep                      listen to clip

     Resham Firri                   listen to clip

     Kambilolo                        listen to clip

     Mozart on Moi Avenue  listen to clip

     Ngoma Tano                  listen to clip


More info about Kachumbari Seven