Kachumbari Seven

The New Nairobi Meltdown of Africa, Asia and Europe


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Kirit Pattni                             Bamboo flutes, percussion

Raymond Mackenzie            Kiringongo, chivoti, percussion, voice

Obuya Owino                         African percussion

Corinne Towett                     Guitar, voice, viola

Jim Pywell                              Bassoon, melodica, percussion, penny whistle

Dominic Ogari                       Obokano, percussion, voice

Prasad Velankar                    Tabla, padhant vocals

Sally Ann Clark                      Double bass

Karimi Mugambi                   Guitar



Kachumbari Seven is a new musical group for Kenya. It aims to create original new music to celebrate the diverse mix of African, Asian and European cultures found in Nairobi.

Amongst the group, our musical backgrounds represent North Indian and Nepalese classical and folk traditions, the European classical tradition, the English folk tradition, and African music tradition from parts of Kenya and beyond.

The music is a colourful mixture of sounds, moods and atmospheres, created by flowing from improvised music to sections with strict rhythms, melodies and ragas.

Kachumbari Seven gave its first performance on 18th November 2006 at the GoDown Arts Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. You can listen to clips from the concert below.



LISTEN TO KACHUMBARI SEVEN DEBUT                          18th NOVEMBER 2006

(Windows Media Player)

Zandale                           listen to clip

Improvisation                  listen to clip     

Five  Sheep                    listen to clip

Resham Firri                   listen to clip

Kambilolo                        listen to clip

Mozart on Moi Avenue  listen to clip

Ngoma Tano                  listen to clip



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